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Wooden holiday home, wooden weekend house, wooden holiday house, PERR blockhouse – Manufacturer of blockhouses, wooden houses, massive wooden houses in Bavaria

Christoph Perr
Blockhouse construction

Söllhubener Str. 31 | Riedering | Tel.: +49 80 36 - 34 46 | Fax.: +49 80 36 - 21 19

Square timber blockhouses

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Holiday homes
Hunting lodges / Wooden cabins
Residential blockhouses
Restaurants / Ski stations
Functional buildings / Office building
Summer houses
Tool houses
Outdoor sauna
Wooden garages
Animal stables
Square timber blockhouses
Square timber residential blockhouses
Summerhouse / Garden Shed
Pavillons / Pergolas
Carpentry / Round wooden structures
Log cabin furniture and equipment
Blockhouse shell / Details
State Garden Exhibition Rosenheim 2010 und State Garden Exhibition Munich 2005
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Functional constructions:
Square timber blockhouses  


Tool sheds, summer houses, holiday homes, offices, restaurants, salesrooms and other functional buildings can be constructed in any size.  


You can select from a wood thickness of 8 x 20 cm up to 24 x 20 cm (in 2 cm steps) with double and triple groove and tongue connection.  


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pfeil.jpg Square timber blockhouses
pfeil.jpg Square timber block huts
pfeil.jpg Square timber summer houses
pfeil.jpg Square timber cabins
pfeil.jpg Square timber house


Please click here for square timber residential blockhouse.

Cottage made of 20 cm strong square timber
Cottage made of 20 cm strong square timber
Chalet made of spruce square timber, 18 cm strong
Chalet made of spruce square timber, 18 cm strong
PERR Blockhäuser • Söllhubener Str. 31 in 83083 Riedering • Landkreis Rosenheim in Bavaria • Germany
Carpentry and Timber work, wood processing Christoph Perr. The PERR blockhouse is manufactured in the rounded trunk house / rounded wooden house
design as a blockhouse for all types of uses, also as residential house or weekend home. PERR Blockhaus manufactures blockhouses in its own premises.
Tel.: 08036- 3446 • Fax: 08036 - 2119 • Imprint