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Wooden holiday home, wooden weekend house, wooden holiday house, PERR blockhouse – Manufacturer of blockhouses, wooden houses, massive wooden houses in Bavaria

Christoph Perr
Blockhouse construction

Söllhubener Str. 31 | Riedering | Tel.: +49 80 36 - 34 46 | Fax.: +49 80 36 - 21 19

Animal stables

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Block House Round Trunk 
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Block House Square Timber 
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Blockhouse shell / Details
State Garden Exhibition Rosenheim 2010 und State Garden Exhibition Munich 2005
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A good feeling for humans as well as animals

Be it animal stables, shelters or apiaries – When you go for a Perr round wood blockhouse, you need not to compromise, because our blockhouses are an ideal combination of functionality, cost-efficiency and aesthetics.


We plan and construct according to your expectations, depending upon the required use.


Best production quality and selected spruce wood guarantee a long useful life. We can take care of the complete construction at our end or deliver the self-assembly kit.


You will find things you need to know and photos of the blockhouse construction under »Setup/ Self-assembly«!


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Alpine stable ø 16 cm rounded trunks
Alpine stable ø 16 cm rounded trunks
Apiary, trunk thickness 16 cm
Apiary, trunk thickness 16 cm
PERR Blockhäuser • Söllhubener Str. 31 in 83083 Riedering • Landkreis Rosenheim in Bavaria • Germany
Carpentry and Timber work, wood processing Christoph Perr. The PERR blockhouse is manufactured in the rounded trunk house / rounded wooden house
design as a blockhouse for all types of uses, also as residential house or weekend home. PERR Blockhaus manufactures blockhouses in its own premises.
Tel.: 08036- 3446 • Fax: 08036 - 2119 • Imprint